Creative Minds Learning Center: Escape Rooms, Origami Classes, Edible Slime, and More: Sign Up For Online Summer Classes and Camps Now!

Madison City Schools is officially out for summer break, which means many parents, grandparents, and caretakers are waking up today with some antsy kids at home that are ready for a few months of summer fun.

If you’re beginning to break out your summer calendar and want to fill in some days with activities that are affordable, hands-on, and easy to facilitate from the comfort of your home, I have just the solution for you!

Get to know Shelby Landreth with Creative Minds Learning Center, an online-based platform that hosts camps and one-time classes all year long for children ages 3-18. Landreth, the founder of Creative Minds, is a local resident and mom of two who knows first-hand how beneficial these classes and camps are. She is absolutely thrilled for families both near and far to experience the joy of learning via Creative Minds.

In a nutshell, Creative Minds Learning Center is hosted through Outschool, a popular website that houses thousands of small-group classes that students can sign up to take either one time, for one week, or in an ongoing manner. 

The biggest difference between these online classes versus others is that these are live, interactive classes with a real teacher and other real students! Total game changer!

It’s as simple as creating a free account here, browsing through the live class or camp opportunities, and selecting a few for your child(ren) to enjoy. Easy peasy!

Landreth says that she has seen families utilize her programs in all kinds of ways for all kinds of reasons.

“Some families have it on standby for a rainy day during the summer when they have no plans or for a day when their plans were canceled,” she explains. “Other families incorporate it into their homeschool routines throughout the year.”

With classes starting at just $8 per session, Landreth says that parents can rest assured that these classes aren’t just kids staring at a screen. She says that these classes are live with a real-time teacher and real-time students from around the world who are all participating and learning together. 

“It’s very engaging and interactive,” shared Landreth, who teaches a large chunk of the classes herself.

An example of some classes (one-time) and camps (4+ days) that students may sign up for right now include:

  • ABC Snack With Me: In this two-week-long class, you will get creative with food while learning all about the ABC’s.
  • Edible Slime Camp: In this class, students will be taught four edible slime recipes. On day one: students will learn how to make fake snot slime.
  • Escape Room Camp: In this 2 week camp students will engage in a variety of quests. Students will enjoy the adventure of escape rooms.
  • Space Camp: In this camp students will journey to space to explore many of the different planets, moons, and stars in the galaxy.
  • Sight Words Extravaganza Camp: Get ready to go on a sight word extravaganza.  Each day we will focus on three different sight words.
  • Autism Social Group: In this class, students who are aware of their condition will have the opportunity to talk to other peers with Autism.
  • All About Engineering Camp: Become a rocket scientist, build your own car, construct a lava lamp, and design a bridge! In this 5-day camp students will learn all about the different types of engineering through hands-on application.  
  • Beginner Origami: In this ongoing class, students will be taught step by step how to make an origami animal!
  • Grade-level reading groups
  • Dino Dig and Chat
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt
  • Twister Tuesday
  • Grade-level science clubs
  • Ocean Adventures Escape Room

Author note: As a mom of an upcoming 2nd grader and kindergartener, I am OVER THE MOON about these options! My account is made (I received a $20 credit for our first couple of classes just for signing up on Outschool) and I am seriously thrilled about all of these! I know my girls will love so many of these and I can’t wait to utilize them starting today!

When discussing and learning about Creative Minds with Landreth, her joy was contagious. She shared that she loves so many things about running her business and teaching students virtually.

“These classes and camps are so simple to be a part of, and the summertime ones are a big, hot thing!”

She continued to share that enrolling in classes and camps via Creative Minds is a great option amidst COVID as well as for those who are working from home with kids in tow. 

Landreth says that enrollment is open at all times and that class availability and times will be clearly listed. She also says that as long as one’s computer, tablet, etc. has the ability to Zoom that it’ll work great for classes and camps.

VBS, Birthday Parties, and More

Interested in having Landreth and her team teach classes in-person? She is now available to hire for your VBS program, in-home birthday party, and much more. She can facilities Origami parties, Escape rooms, Space Camps, and much more. 

To inquire about a private group class, please email her here

Don’t forget to like the Creative Minds Learning Center on Facebook for announcements about new classes and camps and to receive various discounts (all shared on the page!)


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