Having Crawl Space Issues? Look No Further Than Southern Crawl Space in Madison, Alabama

Having crawl space issues? If so, did you know that Madison is home to a local, experienced, and highly credible crawl space solutions company?

Southern Crawl Space in Madison, Alabama

Southern Crawl Space is headquartered right here in Madison on Celtic Drive (near the Madison City School football stadium) and is a homeowner’s one-stop-shop for taking care of all of their crawl space concerns.

Southern Crawl Space began in 2018, and owner Shawn Levie says this he and his staff are passionate about only using products and methods that are the best of the best available. Most of his products have been in use for over 20 years and have proven to provide quality, long-lasting results for customers. 

Levie says that Southern Crawl Space provides an “alternate way to treat a crawl space for moisture, mold, or fungus without having to encapsulate the crawl space or alter the structure.”

When asked what typically notifies a resident that one’s home is experiencing crawl space issues, Levie says that a foul smell is generally one of the main indicators that there is a high level of moisture under the home. He also says that sightings of mold or fungus are also alarming indicators as well as the recognition of hardwood floors that are cupping. 

During our conversation, Levie actually received a call from a highly concerned homeowner that had just spotted fungus at his home that morning. Levie assured him that Southern Crawl Space would protect his home, treat every issue, and that he was in good hands.

Levie shared that many homeowners typically call with a sense of being frantic after discovering unwanted crawl space issues.

“Many of the calls I get are from people who are scared to death and are desperate for us to help them. And it is our pleasure to.”

All a potential customer needs to do to request a visit from Southern Crawl Space is to give them a call or fill out the “request inspection” form on their website.

From there, a crawl space professional will quickly come out for a visit (typically within 24 hours) to assess the problem and create a treatment plan.

Levie says that most issues they see simply need a good wood cleaning, a joist under the crawl space, or some LumberKote applied to the wood.

Southern Crawl Space handles any and all drainage issues, sump pump problems, an array of moisture issues, and so much more. Again, they are truly an experienced one-stop-shop for handling crawl space-related problems.

When it comes to exceptional warranties and guarantees, Southern Crawl Space is top-notch.

“We offer a 30-year wood warranty once the product is applied. The warranty is transferrable to the next person that moves into the house too at no extra cost to the buyer or seller. We basically like to treat it and forget it because we feel that confident that we’ve taken care of the issues.” 

Levie shares that he and his team have fabulous working relationships all over north Alabama and the southern Tennessee area with realtors, home inspectors, property managers, HVAC companies, electricians, insurance adjusters, restoration companies, and more. If you professionally fall under one of these categories and are looking to lock arms with a reliable, affordable, experienced crawl space professional, look no further than Southern Crawl Space

One area of Southern Crawl Space that Levie is extra passionate about is making sure they constantly have technology and equipment that put them a step ahead. For example, they are currently the only Watson Seal master deal in our southeastern region. 

They are also in the final stages of testing out new technology that will be absolutely key in getting the best, most accurate reading of what’s happening underneath one’s home, regardless of how small the crawl space area is.

“We are innovative and we like to stay ahead. That’s what you can always expect from us.”

Southern Crawl Space is expanding across Alabama too! On October 7th, they’ll officially open their Gulf Coast location and also plan to open a Birmingham office soon too. Have a property in these locations? Consider Southern Crawl Space for your future crawl space needs!

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