Club Pilates Owners Acquire Pure Barre: Similarities and Differences in These Workouts

Boutique fitness facilities are scattered all over Madison, offering community members a lengthy list of options for finding the right fitness regimen that caters to his or her unique goals and needs. 

Josh Schultz says that he knows of two facilities that cater to small movements and whole-body muscle-strengthening workouts: Club Pilates West Huntsville and Pure Barre Madison. 

Schultz and his wife Paula have been the franchise owners of Club Pilates since September 2019 and recently acquired Pure Barre Madison this summer. Schultz shared that both brands are owned by the same parent company and that he and Paula were thrilled at the opportunities to acquire Pure Barre. 

Club Pilates & Pure Barre in Madison: Similarities and Differences

“There are things we do very similar but also different across both brands,” shared Schultz. “It’s been really great to learn about Pure Barre and figure it all out.”

While the two locations will remain where they are  – Club Pilates is on HWY 72 and Pure Barre is in downtown Madison – they are hoping to do some things together on a local level. 

“If someone comes into one facility but we believe that the other facility may be a better fit for that individual, we will steer them in that direction.”

Schultz says that while both workouts are based on similar principals, they are executed differently. 

“A lot of people ask us what Pure Barre really is,” shared Schultz. “Think small movements to burn very specific muscle groups. It’s not a dance movement class like some think.”

He says that Pure Barre is a high energy, 50-minute workout that is designed to hit many muscle groups in a certain pattern for a full-body workout. One is likely to see more calorie burn in these classes. 

“A Pilates workout is focused on technique and working on the core. It’s a lot of lengthy and strengthening of your muscles with very specific movements.”

Pilates workouts often include a special apparatus called the Reformer, a bed-like frame that rolls back and forth on wheels. 

Both workouts are very posture-based and focus on a neutral spine. Schultz emphasizes that they work extra hard to keep one’s body upright. 

As far as demographics go, Schultz shared that women make up 90% of their membership at Club Pilates and 99% at Pure Barre.

“It’s funny to see some people come in here and think that these bodyweight workouts won’t be enough for them. It’s all about using muscles that you don’t generally use.”

He encourages everyone of all ability levels to try their free intro classes.

To book your free intro class and view the current class schedule at Club Pilates West Huntsville, click here

To book your free intro class at Pure Barre Madison, click here

Club Pilates West Huntsville

7564A US-72 W, Madison


Pure Barre Madison

14 Main St. Unit A, Madison



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