All Things Madison | A Great Big List of Churches in Madison, Alabama
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A Great Big List of Churches in Madison, Alabama

Churches in Madison, Alabama: Non-denominational, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Church of Christ, Presbyterian, Latter-day Saints, and more. Below you will find a list of churches sectioned by denomination.

They call it the Bible Belt for a reason; We have 54+ churches in Madison alone!

Below you will find a list of churches with Madison, Alabama addresses that are sectioned by denomination. Because each church’s schedule is so fluid due to the pandemic, I have not included information about which churches are meeting in-person, online, etc.

Each church’s website is linked, so please visit the sites of the churches you are interested in to learn more about their current service schedule and offerings.

I desire to keep this website as up-to-date, accurate, and resourceful as possible, so if there’s a church in Madison missing from this list, please email me to let me know. Thanks!

Churches in Madison

A list of churches in Madison, Alabama | This list includes churches from many denominations and includes links so that you can click around and explore so that you can find your church home.


  1. Building Church 
  2. Cornerstone Word of Life Church 
  3. Crosspointe Church
  4. Grace Covenant Worship 
  5. Madison Worship Center 
  6. Rocket City Church
  7. Movement Church
  8. The Brook 
  9. Calvary Chapel
  10. Daystar Church
  11. Restoration Foursquare Church
  12. Hope Church
  13. Madison Bible Church
  14. First Bible Church
  15. New Life Chapel Madison
  16. The Becoming Church
  17. Church of the Highlands
  18. Courageous Church
  19. Asbury Church
  20. Tables Church


  1. Capshaw Baptist Church
  2. First Baptist Church of Madison
  3. Greenbrier Baptist Church
  4. Madison Baptist Church 
  5. Trinity Baptist Church 
  6. Grove Baptist Church 
  7. Haven Baptist Church
  8. Madison Free Will Baptist Church 
  9. International Baptist Church
  10. Willowbrook at Madison 
  11. Fletcher’s Chapel Primitive Baptist Church
  12. Wall Highway Baptist Church 
  13. Midtown Baptist Church


  1. Messiah Lutheran Church 
  2. Lamb of God Lutheran Church 
  3. Faith Lutheran Church


  1. Madison Church 
  2. Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
  3. Heritage Church 
  4. Parker Chapel United Methodist Church 
  5. St. Peter United Methodist Church 
  6. Joy United Methodist Church 
  7. Harvest Pointe Methodist Church
  8. Fellowship United Methodist Church

Church of Christ 

  1. Madison Church of Christ 
  2. Gooch Lane Church of Christ
  3. Central Valley Church of Christ
  4. Monrovia Church of Christ 
  5. Westview Church of Christ 


  1. Most Merciful Jesus Catholic Church 
  2. Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church 


  1. Grace Presbyterian Church
  2. Valley Presbyterian Church 
  3. Connections Presbyterian Church 
  4. St. Elizabeth Cumberland Church  


  1. St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
  2. Grady Madison AME Church

Assembly of God

  1. Madison Assembly of God

Church of the Nazarene

  1. Madison Church of the Nazarene


  1. St. Andrews Anglican Church, Madison Chapel

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

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