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What To Know About Getting Botox At Premiere Dental Spa

This is a more vulnerable post as I share my honest first-person testimony with getting Botox injections for the first time ever at Premiere Dental Spa. I share why I chose Premiere and what the process was step-by-step. Enjoy! I hope you find it enlightening!

Well, curiosity got the best of me, and I stepped into the anti-aging arena of trying out something new for the first time! 

(I am going to share this story as if I were sharing it with a close friend who was curious as well. As someone who is an avid seeker of learning and trying new things, this was something fun to try!)

Botox was admittedly never something on my radar until a couple of years ago as it always seemed like something other people loved but not something that I had considered for myself. I really don’t know why it was something I’d written off for myself, but I think it mostly had to do with my lack of understanding of what it was all about.

A few months ago I noticed that I had a few forehead lines that were getting deeper and more “constant”, specifically a vertical line between my brows. I’m only 35 so they certainly weren’t dramatic, but I knew that these were likely here to stay. Once I realized that there was a vehicle that could zap them away, I became somewhat intrigued.


Fast forward to the Women Honoring Women event in September 2023, hosted by the WEDC Foundation. Dr. Teneshia Daniels, the owner and dentist behind both Premiere Dental Spa locations, was one of the five honorees. 

As an honoree, she shared beautifully on stage about bits and pieces from her personal life and professional journey, and she looked absolutely radiant. She was so happy and truly glowing!

I had met Dr. Daniels several times before when Premiere Dental Spa first opened their second location within Town Madison in 2022. She very briefly mentioned her cosmetic services in her aforementioned time of sharing on stage, which piqued my interest in visiting her. I had no idea what Botox was all about, but curiosity was calling my name!

I made an appointment on their website later that week because I was just ready to rip the Band-Aid off and learn what Dr. Daniels had to offer. 

Making the appointment was so easy as I was able to select my day and time in a pinch. No payment was required up front, especially considering I had no idea how many units I would end up receiving. (I really didn’t even know what a “unit” meant at all.)

Fast forward to my appointment day, and I was more nervous than I was to go on live television earlier that morning! I’m not sure why I was so nervous other than this felt like dabbling with something that I didn’t know much about. 

"Fast forward to my appointment day, and I was more nervous than I was to go on live television earlier that morning! I’m not sure why I was so nervous other than this felt like dabbling with something that I didn’t know much about."

I knew I’d be happy with the results though as so many people I love regularly receive small to moderate amounts of Botox.

Many of them cite that they receive just enough units to feel “refreshed” rather than many years younger. I’ve always loved hearing it described this way!

Appointment Day

I arrived at my appointment time and was immediately greeted by Dr. Daniels. I was thrilled she’d be the one to do my injections since I had so many questions!

I was expressive about my nerves, and instead of dismissing them, she asked what I was nervous about and then proceeded to make the conversation all about what my ideal outcome was. I so appreciated how she led the conversation this way; She simply wanted to know what I desired and then shared what she believed would be the best path forward.

She then spent the next five minutes accessing my skin and answering my many questions. She was extremely patient with me and took her time making me feel completely comfortable.

After she made her recommendation for how many units to receive (and where!), we got started!

I expected the pain to be significant (one can only assume because these are injections in the forehead!), but the “pain” was incredibly tolerable and just felt like a few very speedy little pricks.

I should have timed how long it took, but I believe the entire injection period lasted less than 60 seconds. Wow! I couldn’t believe it when she said we were finished!

Dr. Daniels shared that I may have a little bit of redness for an hour or two, but it was barely noticeable by the time my team member and I got to the car! (She videotaped and photographed the whole experience, and she was so impressed too!)

I began to tell a difference around the 48-hour mark and saw the full changes around day #5 post-injections. I have had zero side effects and have enjoyed seeing what a difference it’s made to my subtle forehead lines.

My opinion after trying Botox for the first time was that it was a 10/10 experience with 10/10 results!

A few takeaways:

  1. I am so very glad I received Botox for the first time from Dr. Daniels. I can’t imagine having a better experience.
  2. I loved learning about the injections themselves. Dr. Daniels was so thorough with her education of what she uses (only the best!) and was so skilled in her process.
  3. Doing Botox for others brings Dr. Daniels so much joy, and that was apparent. She shared that she enjoys seeing men and women have a pep in their step thanks to their refreshed appearance, and it’s always fun to witness someone’s skill bring them joy. Everybody wins!
  4. I will be back to see her in a few months because I’m very, very happy with the results. 🙂


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