An Invitation for Women to Blush Night on March 5th

It’s been almost one year to the day since the women’s ministry at Building Church, a non-denominational Christian church located on Slaughter Road in Madison, hosted a night just for women. Their last women’s event was Friday, March 13th, 2020, the exact day that the world seemingly began shutting down for what we now know would be much longer than a month or two.

But on Friday, March 5th, 2021, Building Church will excitedly swing open their doors for Blush Night and are prayerful and expectant that it will be an evening where busy, tired, hopeful women “will feel invested in, inspired, and encouraged through a fresh perspective and a unique encounter with Jesus.”

Women’s Pastor Ellen Beach says that the evening’s theme is “Grow Through What You Go Through”, which serves as a reminder “that we are all going through stuff, some of which is the same as others, but some of it that is very individual.”

Beach continued to share that “none of us have arrived at a life without difficulties. None of us are free of those hard parts.”

Though Blush Night is held at Building Church, it is not exclusive to women who regularly attend Building Church. In fact, Beach says that that’s far from the case.

“You can have no church background at all. There is no dress code. We invite you to simply just come as you are.” She continued to share that “you will laugh, you’ll experience worship, and you’ll hear an inspiring message that I promise will speak to your heart.”

“Everyone always says that they walk away from Blush Night thinking ‘I’m so glad I came'”, she shared. 

Blush Night Specifics

The event is available to women who are local that would like to attend in-person as well as women around the world who would like to attend from the comfort of their living rooms.

Whether you’d like to attend in person or online, you can register here (it’s free!).

Women who would like to attend in person can expect:

  • the doors to open at 6:45 p.m. with the event starting at 7 p.m.
  • coffee to be served and available when they come in
  • complimentary childcare for children ages 0-5th grade (no pre-registration needed)
  • a night of meeting new friends, hanging with old ones, engaging worship, and a message by Stacy Henagan (talk about a professional bio as well as a personal story that will knock. your. socks. off!)
  • sweet treats in the lobby afterward
  • the opportunity to meet and chat with Stacy Henagan
  • the opportunity to receive prayer one-on-one after the event
  • eligibility for giveaways for things such as a spa package, books, coffee, and more

Women who attend online can expect:

  • powerful worship and a live stream of the in-person event online live
  • eligibility for giveaways for things such a spa package, books, coffee, and more
  • the opportunity for private prayer over the phone after the event

Pastor Ellen Beach says that “we have people who will be watching from other states who are already registered. If women have family members who are in despair in other states, this is something they could absolutely invite them to attend online.”

About the party box…

Those who register to attend in-person or online will have the opportunity to purchase an optional party box, which includes a Comfort Colors t-shirt (author note: these are my favorite t-shirts!) and a bunch of other little surprises. Boxes can be picked up on the Sunday morning prior to the event, throughout the week at Building Church, or at the event itself. 

Pastor Ellen Beach concluded our conversation together by sharing that “our heart is that no matter what your need is, it can be met. If you need a night out, we want to be that safe place that you can come and just be with other adults. We want to create a worshipful atmosphere because we know that women are going to come with exhaustion on their shoulders. We hope that Stacy’s message of journeying through disappointment in the hard places will speak to people’s hearts in the exact way they need to hear.”

CDC Guidelines

Masks will be available if you come without one. Registration is required for the in-person event to ensure proper distancing opportunities.

Ready to register?

Click here to get started! 

Psst: I’ll see you there!


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