5 Things to Know about Bigfoot’s Little Donuts in Madison

When it comes to Bigfoot’s Little Donuts, you may fall into one of two categories: You’ve either been to the Huntsville location, love the product, and can’t wait for the Madison location to open or you’ve never made the trek over to the Huntsville location but you’ve heard at least one person buzz with excitement over the Madison location opening soon.

How’d I do? Fall into one of those categories? The common denominator is that our Madison community is eager to get their hands on an order of Bigfoot’s Little Donuts but also curious about what to expect from this location.

Here are five quick things you should know about Bigfoot's Little Donuts's second official location, coming to County Line Road in Madison this summer.

I recently met with owner Brian Steele to give you answers. Here are five quick things you should know about Bigfoot’s Little Donuts’s second official location, coming to County Line Road in Madison this summer.

Bigfoot’s Little Donuts in Madison, Alabama

Here are five quick things you should know about Bigfoot's Little Donuts's second official location, coming to County Line Road in Madison this summer.

When will the store open?

Customers can expect an opening date as early as the last week of June, though a date surrounding the 4th of July holiday may be a more realistic expectation.

Steele says that the response to his “now hiring” ads has been enormous, so right now he’s working to nail down the very best team to work in all areas of this location. As far as the facility itself goes, it appeared ready to go!

Bigfoot's Little Donuts

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What kind of donuts do they offer?

Think donut holes, but way more fun.

Customers are given the option to order either a classic box of donuts (12-13 minis) or a “Biggy” box (16-20 minis). Next on the docket: flavor selection. With over 35 flavors options every day (and upwards of 70 that rotate throughout the week), this step may be tricky (in a good way!) From Cookies and Cream, Andes Mint, Orange Roll, and much more, there is an array of flavors to suit every tastebud. Customers will select one flavor per box, which is designed to be sharable.

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Every box is made to order and “isn’t just sometimes hot, it’s always hot,” emphasizes Steele. Boxes run $5 each, including tax.

There will eventually be a drive-thru.

This is something unique to the Madison location but likely won’t be up and running right away. Steele hopes to have it open to serve customers just as soon as he can though.

Dine-in tables are available.

There are a small handful of tables available for guests to dine-in if they’d like, though expecting to carry-out is a good idea amidst COVID-19 restrictions and grand opening crowds (because, *ahem*, this place is expected to be a popular spot!)

Customers can purchase more than donuts.

Though the boxes of mini sweet treats are the stars of the show, don’t forget to grab some complimenting items while you’re in-store! Hot coffee, chocolate milk, white milk, and merchandise galore: hats, shirts, coffee mugs, notebooks, and more are all available to purchase. Come for the donuts but leave with a few other fun items too.

Bigfoot's Little Donuts in Madison Alabama

PS: If you’re into a good entrepreneur story, Bigfoot’s Little Donuts is a good one! The very short story is that before Steele moved into his brick and mortar store in Huntsville two years ago, he actually operated for years out of an Airstream that he built in his backyard (and even that was an upgrade from the first tiny location he’d built himself!)

Once he expanded his menu, the business took off, and now here he is finally launching his second, much-anticipated location. Steele is a north Alabama native and graduate of Grissom High School.

Bigfoot’s Little Donuts

12181 County Line Road, Madison, AL 35758 

Visit their website for menu options and more information or check them out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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