Meet Madison’s “Hearing Aid Guy” at Beltone Hearing Aid Center

For long-time Madison resident Zach Watson, there are few things better than helping others achieve a better quality of life via brand new hearing aids.

After nearly 20 years as a board-certified hearing instrument specialist, Watson still finds tremendous joy through interacting with his patients and seeing first-hand how their lives are forever changed simply by the ability to hear better. 

Watson opened Beltone Hearing Aid Center on Hughes Road (across from City Hall) with his wife Robin Watson in August 2019 after more than 14 years of owning other Beltone locations in north Alabama. He is a State of Alabama licensed Hearing Specialist and is passionate about encouraging others to come in and take a free hearing test with him.

Watson explains that the free test is painless and completely non-intimidating. After the test is over, Watson will then work to find a hearing aid that best fits a patient’s lifestyle. Watson himself helps to diagnose, prescribe, and fit hearing aids for those with hearing loss and enjoys making the process as enjoyable as he can.

He continued to share that those who are interested in signing up for a test will have his or her test scheduled within 24-48 hours of making the first inquiry call to Beltone. 

May is Better Hearing Month, which is the perfect time to swing into Beltone and have a quick test performed.

In regard to those who may feel that taking a test seems unnecessary despite the urging from family members, Watson says that “your hearing is the only thing you have to lose.”

“Hearing goes away slowly,” he shared. “You lose so much of your lifestyle when you struggle to hear. We deal with Auditory Deprivation on a daily basis at the center.”

Auditory Deprivation happens when hearing loss is ignored or untreated.

Watson, a father of two, shared that he has fond memories of his grandparents, as well as one particular gentleman from his church, wearing hearing aids when he was growing up. He says that hearing aids have come a long way since then. 

Many hearing aids available at Beltone are rarely noticeable and always upgradeable over time. 

“The biggest complaint I hear about some of our hearing aids is that some people forget that they even have them on,” chuckled Watson.

One of the biggest technological advances with modern-day hearing aids is the ability to sync one’s hearing aids to Bluetooth.

Similar to an Airpod, patients can stream music, take a phone call, and even control the volume on the television to fit their unique needs (i.e. no more turning up the volume way high for one person while everyone else in the room wishes it were turned down.)

“In the past, all adjustments had to be made in-person. Now with Bluetooth capabilities, patients are able to connect to their phone and adjust it completely by themselves.”

Watson also says that his patients are thrilled with their brand new hearing aids that are rechargeable instead of battery-operated.

“No more fumbling with tiny batteries,” says Watson. “Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are selling themselves these days!”

Robin Watson shared that one of her favorite aspects of the center is their ability to do in-office demos of the hearing aid. 

“It’s kind of like test driving a car,” she shared. “Patients get an idea of what to expect from their new hearing aids before they leave the center. This also ensures that we are setting them up with the hearing aid that is just right for each individual.”

Watson reiterated that the only part of the hearing aid process that one may pay is for the device itself (which is occasionally covered by some insurance companies by the way!). The test itself and everything else that follows at Beltone are complimentary.

“This is a family business,” shared Robin. “And people really love coming in to see Zach.”

She continued to say that her husband’s approachable, kind disposition lends itself to many patients thinking of Zach as their grandson. She says that community members won’t regret coming in to meet him, having a quick hearing test performed, and potentially enhancing their individual lives in big ways.

“I love to see my patients go back to church after getting their hearing aids and giving them the chance to hear the birds sing again,” shared Zach when asked what he loves about being Madison’s “Hearing Aid Guy”.

“You have nothing to lose by coming in and getting a test to see where your hearing is at.”

To schedule a free hearing test for you or a loved one at Beltone in Madison, please call (256) 722-5299.

Beltone Hearing Aid Center of Madison, Alabama is located at 151 Hughes Road, Unit C. They are open on Thursdays by appointment only. Visit their website for more information, including how to take a free hearing test online!

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