Beltone in Madison Wows with Caring Atmosphere and Skilled Experience
With each additional visit to Beltone Hearing Aid Center in Madison, I personally observe more and more accounts of the family atmosphere mentality that owners Zach and Robin Watson have strived to create and maintain. 
Last month I spent about an hour with the Watsons and observed a bit of the hearing test process as well as an ear wax check and a hearing aid adjustment visit. I couldn’t help but smile as I witnessed the friendly banter between Zach and his patients. His wife Robin is equally as invested in ensuring that each person that walks through the doors of their Hughes Road location feels special and taken care of. 
Do you personally know someone who would benefit from a hearing test? Beltone’s booth is comfortable and non-intimidating, and the test that Zach (a.k.a. “the Hearing Aid Guy”) performs is totally free, painless, and fairly speedy (less than one hour).
If you or someone you know is reluctant to schedule a hearing test, here are four things to know.
1. A customer will only ever pay for the hearing aid itself. The test, the fitting, any future adjustments, etc. are all totally complimentary.
2. Having a hearing test removes uncertainty about one’s ability to hear clearly and optimally. A patient has absolutely nothing to lose in partaking in a free test but has an improved quality of life to gain!
3. Hearing aids often improve relationships, both within the family as well as in social settings.
4. Hearing tests occasionally lead patients to discover other health issues diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or kidney disease. Hearing loss also often slowly leads to falling, dementia, and depression. 
To register for a hearing test, please click this link to browse around and register. Please note that hearing tests are only performed in Madison on Thursdays.

What’s next after my hearing test?


After the hearing test is performed, the Hearing Aid Guy will discuss with a patient his or her results and then offer the patient the option to take various hearing aids for a test drive for a 30-day trial period. Watson noted that many patients leave their first appointment knowing exactly which hearing aid they would like and then confidently wait for it to arrive in about one week.
Author note: Zach and Robin have been in the hearing business for over 20 years and radiate with passion for what they do. To enhance someone’s life with the ability to hear is something that lights them up. I’ve enjoyed each visit with them, acting as a fly on the wall as they care for their patients. I would send my loved ones to Zach and Robin at Beltone in a heartbeat and feel confident knowing that they are in incredibly loving, attentive, and skilled hands.
To set up your free hearing test, click here
This article was written in partnership with Beltone in Madison. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that help keep All Things Madison a free resource for our community. 


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