The Nitty Gritty Behind All Things Madison: Who Runs the Account, Motives, the Pandemic, and More

A few days ago I shared an Instagram Story giving followers the opportunity to submit questions about All Things Madison. Some actually shared a few story ideas they’d like me to work on, such as “Where can I find maternity clothes in this town?” (I understand that frustration after my last pregnancy!) and “Tell me where to find the best mojito!” (Now we’re talking!)

There were also a handful of questions about me, the creation of the website itself, and more that I’m excited to address. 

Behind the Scenes of All Things Madison

Who is running this account?

Hi, I’m Erica. 🙂 If you subscribe to my weekly email newsletter, you already know that because I sign it each week. I also shared a few pictures of my family and me in my intro emails. If you haven’t signed up yet and wouldn’t like to see those emails, you can quickly and easily do so right now. 


Are you trying to stay anonymous?

Not really, but maybe a little bit. I’m very proud of this website and to create content for our community. I obviously live here though and would love to hold on to just a teeny bit of privacy. For this reason, I’ve decided to limit the amount I show my face or needlessly share my whole name. Hope that makes sense! The internet is a wild place.

Who made your website?

I can’t sing the praises of Jacki Gil enough! She created my logos and built this site from the ground up. I highly recommend her. She lives in Huntsville, has an extensive portfolio, and is extremely patient with those who do not speak “coding”. 🙂

How much do you charge for an article?

Reviews are completely free! I hope this helps to build trust and credibility with the community. I do have traditional advertising options though that can be found here

Why did you start this site?

Oy, that’s a loaded (but great!) question. How much time do you have? 🙂 The short story is that I saw a hole in our market for a resource that helped those who were looking to get the nitty-gritty on new businesses, neighborhoods, preschools, etc., especially those who are moving here with not a single clue what to expect. I really adore Madison and think it’s a wonderful place to live. Our community members have so much to offer, and I strongly desired to use my passion for writing and journalism to do that. 

Has it been hard to start this website during the pandemic?

Yes (extremely) for many reasons. I am a strong Christian though and truly felt a total peace that this was the right time (I was super close to pushing it back to August 1st). I knew that if I could help even just one business stay afloat this summer that it would be worth it. I also wanted to help community members learn about re-openings and things going on around them because I know how hard this moment in time has been for most people. 

What is your favorite thing about Madison?

Again, how much time do you have? 🙂 I love that we are diverse, have a low cost of living, offer award-winning schools, have a low crime rate, and so much more. We have a slew of outdoor adventure opportunities within a half-hour, and the most gorgeous beaches in the country are just six hours away. My parents live here, my in-laws live here, and most of my friends that I grew up with moved back here. It’s an easy community to raise a family in and a great city to stick around in after the kids are grown. We’ve lived in (and enjoyed) three other states, but our experiences elsewhere showed us that what we have here is awesome. We are likely never leaving. 😉

How do you gather your info about events and happenings?

Word of mouth, emails and messages from others, Facebook, etc. I try really hard to be “in the know” and get the word out about happenings as fast as I can. 

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