Heart-Healthy, Lean, Tender Beef in North Alabama: Many Cuts Available for Purchase
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Though farmland seems to be disappearing rapidly in the Huntsville and Madison areas, there are still plenty of surrounding communities that have farms as active as ever that are ready to serve communities near and far with their homegrown or raised products.

If you’re in the market for leaner, heart-healthy beef that is raised locally and ethically, you’ve found your match with Twin Oaks Farm.

Madison resident Rachel Bray grew up just north of the Alabama/Tennessee border in Flintville, Tennessee and watched her dad proudly take care of Twin Oaks Farm, a farm that has been in the family for generations. Her dad Randall George and brother Matthew are full-time cattlemen and have a range of beef products that they can’t wait to get in the hands of Madison residents, and they feel confident that their products will exceed all expectations.

From hamburger meat, all the way to whole beef, Twins Oaks Farm has it all, and George ensures that consumers will absolutely taste a difference in his products.

“I’ve ruined my wife,” George jokes. “She won’t touch a steak that I’ve gone out and bought. She waits on the beef we’ve raised.”

George says that the difference in his beef versus store-bought options boils down to two things.

First, a quality processor makes a tremendous difference in the final product, so George says that they use the best of the best in the area. He shared that there are a few processors near his farm, but he chooses to drive over an hour each way because he firmly believes in using a top-notch processor.

“We go to the best processor that we can find, and the result is tender, lean, and delicious beef. It marbles so well and has less grease and fat.”

George says that if one desires a medium-well steak, “you better stop at medium because we only have fat around the edges. You won’t find fat inside.”

He shares that his beef doesn’t shrink once it’s patted out, and customers rave over not having to drain the beef. Very little grease is in the beef from his farm. Also, all products are vacuum-sealed.

Secondly, George says that the way they raise and care for their cattle leads to a phenomenal final product.

“We want people to know that we take great measures with what we feed our animals. There also isn’t any waste with the animals.”

George says that his animals are all fed and treated the same way and that he and his son Matthew take great pride in raising the best animals they can.

“We hope that comes across in our product,” he continued. “But we’re sure it does.”

George shared that he is often asked about grass-fed beef, but all of his cattle are cornfed.

“Beef need corn. There is visually a difference between grass-fed and corn-fed cattle. We raise them on grass and finish them on grain.”

Cattle are also never given steroids or hormones.

Twin Oaks Farm sells registered bull and cattle and has a lengthy list of items for purchase.

All prices are listed per pound.

$6 – Hamburger (comes in two-pound packs)

$6 – roasts, ribs, sirloins, stew meat, and brisket

$12 – ribeyes, t-bones, New York strips

$15 – Porterhouse

Quarter, halves, and whole beef are available for $2.35/pound (live weight)

Matthew, a current student at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, commutes to Huntsville as does his dad to visit with his Madison-based daughter. They are both happy to deliver beef directly to the customer, pending the quantity of purchase of course (i.e. a bit more than a 2lb. pack of ground beef). If customers would like to travel the 30 miles to his Tennessee border farm to pick up their meat and see the farm, they are absolutely invited to do that.

Speaking of Matthew, George says that working with his son is a dream come true.

“He’s my right-hand man. He rolls out early to help me feed the cattle, and I’m really proud of him.”

He continued to share that working as a cattleman with his son is like living out a dream every single day.

“I love feeding cows. I’d rather do this than anything else in the world, and I get to do it all with the best boy in the world. We take pride in where we reside and care a lot about our farm. We want people to come out here and visually see how much we care.”

As for 18-year-old Matthew, he says that working in the hay and bush-hogging is a joy for him. He takes night courses at UAH and enjoys being with the cattle when he’s not studying. Carrying on the family tradition on the farm is his dream.

Placing an order is easy. George shared to simply call or text him (931-581-1127) and share a bit about what kind and quantity of meat you’re looking for. He says that he’ll take care of the rest and make sure that it gets to you.

“If you have something specific you want, just let us know. If you want a whole beef (roughly 1,200 pounds live weight) we can certainly make that happen.”

Author note: Before agreeing to write this article, we got our hands on some of the products from Twin Oaks Farm to try for ourselves. I was immediately blown away by the professional packaging.

The first beef we tried was the hamburger meat. We enjoyed it for dinner as a family and all agreed that they were the best hamburgers we’d ever made at home. They were incredibly tender and tasty.

We then gave the ribeye steaks a whirl and were pleased to find two steaks in the package. My husband likes to enjoy his steaks rare but ended up overcooking it a smidge to medium-rare because there is so little fat in these products (a good thing for sure!) He knows now for next time. He said it was hands down the best steak he’d ever cooked himself and eaten at home. 

Trying these two products was all the convincing I needed to know that I wanted to get behind this family farm and share this incredible resource with you. If you are looking to purchase any quantity of beef this fall or winter (or year-round!), here is a wonderful connection. One conversation with Randall George or his son Matthew will have you nodding your head that this is indeed a good resource to know about.

Enjoy your products, and be sure to tag me when you cook them! I’d love to see some Twin Oaks Farm beef around our community’s tables soon.

Ready to order from or make a visit to Twin Oaks Farm?

Call or text Randall George today! 931-581-1127

All prices are listed per pound.

$6 – Hamburger (comes in two-pound packs)

$6 – roasts, ribs, sirloins, stew meat, and brisket

$12 – ribeyes, t-bones, New York strips

$15 – Porterhouse

Quarter, halves, and whole beef are available for $2.35/pound (live weight)

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