All About Baker’s Learning Kitchen: Personalized Math Tutoring for K-12+

Just like two people might make the same recipe in different ways, local resident and business owner Delores Baker believes that math is often the same way. Sometimes people need their own route to understanding and breaking down each step in order to fully make things click. 

This is why Baker officially launched Baker’s Learning Kitchen in August 2020, a math tutoring resource for those in kindergarten through college.

“We use kitchen concepts to conquer math and try to make things fun,” Baker shares. “We all know that magic happens in the kitchen, and this type of environment is exactly what we create with those we tutor.”

Baker knows that individuals have different learning styles and recipes for success, so she and her team work hard with their students on a one-on-one basis to nail down what the struggle points are for those learning certain math concepts.

“Every ‘recipe’ for how we teach is unique to the individual,” she says.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring, Baker’s Learning Kitchen also specializes in ACT tutors. One of their students recently scored a perfect 36 on the ACT who now tutors students via Baker’s Learning Kitchen as well.

Baker’s Learning Kitchen has secured a business license to tutor across Madison and surrounding cities, and both in-person and virtual lessons are available. Students are invited to book individual sessions or packages (available to view on their website). Most tutoring sessions are 60 minutes long, while ACT tutoring sessions are 75 minutes.

When asked what Baker’s initial motivation was to create Baker’s Learning Kitchen, she shared that she barely remembers a time when she wasn’t helping other students in math.

“I’ve always been a tutor,” Baker laughed. “My mom was an educator and administrator, so I started tutoring other students when I was in middle school.”

“I learned early on that we all have different ways we learn things. There are so many entities that affect the way we learn, so I try to take all of that into account when creating a plan for each student.”

Baker says that her own experience led her to realize that this area had a need for a unique math tutoring experience, which ultimately led her to go for it and launch her business.

“Math is one of those subjects that so many people tend to be afraid of,” she shared. “If we can come up with a way to learn it that is unique to that person, I strongly believe that we can affect how people grow up, what jobs they strive for, and so much more.”

Baker firmly believes that being successful in math has the opportunity to be life-changing. She says that being confident in one’s math skills often leads individuals to a variety of career opportunities that they may not have ever considered before.

She says that her staff is diverse with a variety of strong expertise and that they cannot wait to tutor many new students this upcoming school year. 

If you are interested in learning more about Baker’s Learning Kitchen and hiring their services for the upcoming school year, click here.

Also, does your student need some math tutoring to strengthen their skills and confidence before the fall semester? Now a great time to book a Baker’s Learning Kitchen Summer Camp!

Summer Kitchen Math Camps

Click here to learn more and sign up for any of the following camps, each that begin around July 7th.

  • July Virtual Kindergarten/1st Grade Camp
  • July Virtual 2nd/3rd Grade Camp
  • July Virtual 4th/5th Grade Camp
  • July Virtual 6th/7th Grade Camp
  • July Virtual 8th/Pre-Algebra Camp
  • July Virtual Algebra Camp
  • July Virtual Geometry Camp
  • ACT Camp

Learn more about Baker’s Learning Kitchen!

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