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Madison Resident Shares Perks of Renting As-Needed Office Space While Working from Home

Madison resident Brandon Bishop often finds himself in a situation that has become all too relatable for working parents: He works from home but is also often sharing space with his children who are all of a sudden home from school or daycare too for one reason or another.

Bishop, the Director of Organizational Training and Development for South Carolina-based Bear Cognition, says that it became extremely apparent a few months ago that he needed an occasional office of some kind on days where the majority of his schedule includes phone calls, Zoom meetings, etc.

Finding an as-needed office space in Madison, Alabama

He says that he began the process of looking for somewhere that he could occasionally set up and do his remote work outside of the home and found a couple of places in Huntsville to try. He says that neither of them quite had what he was looking for, so he continued his search. 

“My wife was helping me find something, and a ton of people online began plugging Lisa Smith with The Offices at Spenryn. I live here in Madison about 10 minutes from her office, so I called her up and checked it out.”

Bishop continued to share that The Offices at Spenryn was unlike anything he had seen or used before and had a feeling that it was going to be a really good choice. He quickly signed up as a monthly virtual tenant, meaning that for a small monthly fee he’d be able to reserve conference rooms, private workrooms, and more on an as-needed basis.

“I had to get it approved by my company to do my work there, which ended up being no problem.”

Bishop says that his schedule is wildly unpredictable, but Smith has completely taken him under her wing and made him feel at ease about being able to work at The Offices at Spenryn whenever he needs or likes to.

“Lisa has really personalized my experience at Spenryn. She listened to what my needs were for work and came up with an agreement that is perfect for everyone.”

Bishop says that he often goes online in advance to book a room to work in. Often the conference room is available, which he enjoys because he’s able to fully spread out his work, walk around while he takes calls, and simply make the place feel like his own for a few hours.

Bishop continued to share that making connections with others at Spenryn has been icing on the cake for him.

“I haven’t been able to work up there in about a month because of the holidays and some sickness in my home, and I’m really missing the crew there!”

He says that in addition to the great workspace and enjoyable company, he has also enjoyed some good eats.

“There’s a chef who delivers food there all the time, and often she’ll have food ready for me when I get there to work.”

Bishop says that Smith herself is known for going above and beyond in making her virtual tenants always feel welcomed and comfortable.

“Lisa is amazing. She is always making a point to have fruit, cookies, snacks, and so much more for all of us that are working up there.”

Bishop describes The Offices at Spenryn as “not your traditional co-working space with an open floor plan” but says that he likes it for that very reason. 

“There’s so much privacy,” he says.

Bishop says that he became so used to working at home all day, every day that the change of scenery and opportunity to work in a different setting has been a breath of fresh air.

“I’ve only been there for a few months, but I’ve gotten to know so many people. Smith will make you so many connections and show you all the benefits that a locally-owned place like this can offer.”

Are you interested in becoming a virtual tenant at The Offices at Spenryn like Brandon Bishop?

Click to email Lisa Smith and learn more about how she can customize a virtual tenant/as-needed office space for you!

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