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Are Houses Actually Selling in Madison Right Now?

Each month, Erica sits down with Beau Miles, owner and broker of Essential Real Estate in Madison, to discuss updates about the real estate market in Madison specifically. His updates fluctuate each month, so make sure you tune in to keep up in real time with how to best sell and buy in this city.
Madison, Alabama Real Estate: In this State of the Real Estate Market for May 2023, Beau Miles shares more objective numbers as well as why or why not interest rates should dictate if you buy or sell.

“There’s no way houses are selling!” What do you think? Are those who want to buy and sell in Madison in an absolute pickle because of interest rates?

This was my opinion going into this month’s “State of the Real Estate Market Address” late last week. My monthly co-host Beau (owner and broker of Essential Real Estate) was patient in listening to my opinions, but then followed up with objective stats, hard numbers, and subjective advice relevant to Madison City specifically. 

This information is so candid and so good. Tune in for the whole 11 minutes regardless of whether you are buying, selling, or neither (but want to stay informed about our local Madison market).

1:37 – Glasses on, time for numbers!

3:50 – What are the numbers telling us?

4:55 – Beau’s honest opinion of this month in real estate

5:04 – A comparison to television

6:17 – Erica sums up the market right now

9:33 – Are there more landlords right now?

11:08 – Erica’s homebuying experience with Beau




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Beau Miles with Essential Real Estate represented our family in 2020-2021 with selling a home and building/purchasing a new home. Our list of compliments about his skills as our agent would extend a mile long.


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