All About My New HALOCOUTURE® Halo Hair Extensions from Terrame

Hair extensions were never on my radar until a few months ago when I began noticing a significant, rapid difference in my hair texture. I’m still not sure if my hair was falling out, breaking, or what exactly was causing a significant change, but I knew that I needed to make some changes with my products and general hair routine if I was going to see an improvement in my hair’s health.

To make a long story short, a wonderful stylist at Terrame here in Madison suggested that I give hair extensions a try while we work on improving my hair quality and health over the next year or so. She shared with me a few hair extension options, but I knew I wasn’t interested in anything that involved too much of a time or financial investment. But then the stylist shared with me more in-depth about the HALOCOUTURE® Halo, and I had a hunch that it was a really great option for me.

What is a HALOCOUTURE® Halo?

HALOCOUTURE® Halo is a removable hair extension headband of sorts that one can take in and out as she pleases. It’s a one-time purchase from Terrame that involves no additional financial commitment.

You simply fix your hair like normal – for me this means that I blow dry and curl my normal hair – and then you pop the Halo on. Easy as that! It’s not recommended to sleep in, work out in, swim in, etc., but if you do, that’s totally okay! It’s real hair that’s been treated, so it can be washed and styled like normal hair. For the best maintenance, Terrame suggests washing it just one time per month or utilizing their Halo professional cleaning service if desired. 

I’ve waited to write this post for about two weeks because I wanted to get a lot of use out of my Halo to see how I really liked it. What I share here on All Things Madison is always 100% my honest opinion, so I wanted to be sure I really liked it before recommending it.

It comes as zero surprise though that I really, really love it. (Anything that’s recommended to me by the Terrame owner Charla Johnson is generally absolute gold.) I feel confident in putting my full stamp of approval and recommendation behind it for those who desire thicker and/or longer hair. I didn’t know that hair could make me so happy, but this Halo makes me really happy. And wow, it’s so, so EASY!

Here’s a look at my fitting appointment when I scooped up my Halo.

When a Halo that matched my existing hair color came in, Terrame gave me a call and invited me in to have it shaped with my hair. Here’s a before shot.

The Halo box comes with a virtually undetectable hair headband (available in 40+ shades!), a comb to fix your style, and an extra clear, elastic band.

When my stylist Tish pulled it out of the box, I gasped because I assumed there was no way that would match my color. She smiled and said, “Just wait!” So I did. 🙂

She and her precious assistant Logan offered me a mimosa, something they enjoy offering all of their clients who are of age that are receiving treatments at Terrame. 

I was the biggest skeptic about how the Halo would look in my hair because I assumed there was no way it would ever look natural. I’ve also never had hair quite this long before, so I also wasn’t convinced that I would actually like how it looked on me.

But Tish quickly got to work by simply putting the Halo headband (it’s just one simple piece!) on my head, pulling out pieces of my existing hair around it, and voila!

As you can see from my face below, I was tickled by the immediate transformation!

Once the Halo was on and my hair was fixed around it (this takes me about six seconds on my own at home! So easy!), it was time to cut the Halo to blend in with my existing layers and hairstyle. It’s obvious in the image below that the Halo itself needed to be styled to match my hair. This is one of the biggest reasons it’s so important to purchase the Halo from Terrame; They know how to make sure it fits well on your head and cut around your face. 

After she blended the Halo with my existing hair, it was time to style. Very quickly my hair was transformed, and I was astonished.

A precious nearby stylist came over to play with my hair a bit and show me some fun ways that I could also style it up in a low pony or in an oversized clip. Since I’ve never had hair this long and thick before, I was absolutely elated by this new world of potential hairstyles!

It was truly such a fun appointment!

I was in and out in no time flat. Such a testament to the ease of this incredible Halo. Simply pop it on your head, grab the pieces around it to cover the thin, clear band, and voila! You’re ready to go get ’em. 🙂

I’ve received a few questions over the last few weeks that I’d love to answer here.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The price will vary by length. The average price is about $500, but remember – it’s a one-time fee! Simply bring your Halo with you to future hair appointments and your stylist will cut your Halo just like she would if it were your normal hair. It’s yours to keep, take care, and wear for years to come!

PS: I’ll be honest that I can relate to having a bit of sticker shock at first, but that’s because I had never priced hair extensions. Once I educated myself a bit about hair extensions, I learned that this was an incredibly reasonable price and a much more affordable way to achieve the look I desired. Do your research and you’ll learn the same. 🙂

Q: Is it comfortable? Doesn’t it slip out?

A: Yes, it’s very comfortable! I honestly barely even notice that I’m wearing it. It doesn’t slip at all and stays right in place. It’s a very, very good product. The only part I really notice that feels different is that I’m not used to having long, thick hair (which has nothing to do with the Halo itself). I love it though!

Q: How long does it last?

A: If cared for properly, it can last for years!

Are you ready to book an appointment with Terrame to get matched for your Halo? Tell them that All Things Madison sent you and you’ll receive a complimentary hair wash, scalp massage, and blow dry/style when you go in for your appointment. (You’ve never had a better head massage; I promise!)

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