New Cabinets in Madison, Alabama: All About Alabama Cabinets

New Cabinets in Madison, Alabama: How to Hire Alabama Cabinets for Your Remodel

Alabama Cabinets Innovations, Inc. is headquartered right here in Madison and has a solid reputation for building immaculate cabinetry for the home building industry, including Stone Martin, Murphy, Stoneridge, and many more.

New Cabinets in Madison, Alabama: How to Hire Alabama Cabinets for Your Remodel

New Cabinets in Madison, Alabama

Owner Lindsey Bradford says that his company is ready though and beyond excited to announce a new arm of their business: They are now looking to work with homeowners directly who are ready to see a complete transformation in their kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms via brand new cabinetry.

New Cabinets in Madison, Alabama: How to Hire Alabama Cabinets for Your Remodel

Bradford shared that he and his staff are able to bring nearly any cabinetry vision to life. 

“If you’ve seen it, we can build it,” he shared, further explaining that Alabama Cabinets offers everything from basic shaker-style cabinets all the way through extremely detailed custom cabinetry that’s created just for one’s space.

New Cabinets in Madison, Alabama: How to Hire Alabama Cabinets for Your Remodel

Cabinetry in Madison, Alabama

Bradford shared that while some cabinetry companies are currently quoting a wait time of 2-3 months following a signed contract, he and his staff are able to come in and complete the job in as little as two weeks from the time payment is received. 

Bradford says that they’re able to provide a speedy turn-around time for new cabinets in Madison, Alabama because they are very selective about who they provide estimates to and which jobs they take on.

“Our ideal customer is someone who has done their research, knows how much cabinetry costs, and is ready for us to actually begin designing and installing cabinets as soon as possible,” he shared. “We don’t spenda lot of time doing detailed estimates for customers that aren’t quite ready to pull the plug, but we’ll be here to talk with you when you are.”

Alabama Cabinets Innovations, Inc.

Bradford further explained that Alabama Cabinets Inc. runs a heavy production and they pride themselves on efficiency.

New Cabinets in Madison, Alabama: How to Hire Alabama Cabinets for Your Remodel

“There is no other shop around here that runs production as we do,” he says. “We are proud to tell customers that we can complete their project immediately if they’re ready for us to.”

Bradford says that if you’re in the market for brand new cabinets, it’s recommended to have a general idea of what style you’re looking for. From there, Alabama Cabinets will come in to measure the room(s) and lay out the design with software.

“We’ll walk through exactly how a homeowner wants it laid out, and they’ll be able to see it all visualized on a screen.”

Customers are welcome to choose any type of paint color, style, or wood type.

As far as turn-around time goes, Bradford says that basic white, Shaker-style cabinets could be installed as quickly as two weeks if the demo has already been completed and the space is ready for new cabinets. More detailed, custom cabinets may take a month longer.

Though cabinet creation and installation is the bread and butter for Alabama Cabinets, Bradford says that his team is also about to install countertops, do a bit of electrical work, some tiling, etc. if the scale of the cabinetry job is large enough.

“We don’t paint cabinets or fix cabinets,” shared Bradford. “We do all brand new everything, and if that’s what you’re looking for, we may just be your perfect fit.”

Bradford says that most jobs that his team will accept will be a minimum cabinetry order of $10k.

If you are tired of waiting on estimates and are ready to bite the bullet and have new cabinetry installed immediately, please call Lindsey Bradford at 256-434-8087 or email aciinc@hotmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Alabama Cabinet Innovations, Inc. 


113 Jetplex Circle, Unit B1

Madison, AL 35758

(256) 434-8087

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