5 Adult Recreational Sports Options in Madison

Our summer has been enhanced tremendously this year by our evenings spent at Palmer Park softball fields watching my husband play on a recreation softball league. He joined a co-ed team with a group of neighbors, and our whole family has enjoyed the experience. Outdoor family fun has been had by all! 

As the season begins to wrap up and the team looks ahead at future opportunities to play together, my interest was piqued about what else Madison Parks and Rec offers our community.

I’ve lived here for a couple of years as an adult (and grew up here in Madison as well), but I still had no idea until a few days ago that Madison has a handful of opportunities for adults to engage in recreational-style sports. Because I imagine that I can’t be the only one who didn’t know this information, I’d love to share it here.

Madison, Alabama Adult Recreational Sports: Madison Parks and Rec offers flag football, softball, volleyball, basketball, and pickleball.

Madison Parks and Rec Adult Recreational Sports


  • Co-Ed, Men’s, and Women’s Leagues
  • Co-Ed teams must have at least two women
  • 10-20 players per team
  • Register online until August 27th

Men’s Flag Football

  • Online registration until August 27th
  • Teams of 5-8 people


  • Open Play options throughout the year
  • Pickleball Club option available for just $40 annually!


  • Open play options throughout the year
  • Fall league
  • Co-Ed
  • League is divided into a recreational division and a competitive division

Men’s Basketball

  • Spring league
  • 5-8 players per team
  • Registration will open in February

Those interested in any of the aforementioned options should visit MadisonAL.gov for more information regarding registration links, days and times, prices, and more. 

Author note/personal opinion: These teams offer healthy, enjoyable, affordable ways for community members to connect, exercise, engage in a new (or old) outlet/hobby, and just plain have fun with others. Grab some friends, co-workers, neighbors, those you go to church with, etc. and dabble in a team sometime soon!

Looking for Madison youth recreation programs? You can find the full list here.

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