A Wish List: 15 Businesses We Want to Open in Madison

A few months ago, I posted a question asking followers what businesses they’re more than ready to see right here in Madison. As our city continues to steadily expand, more and more business owners are becoming laser-focused on being part of the growth and planting their business’ roots here.

While it’s continually exciting to hear about the confirmed “coming soon” places, there is still a long list of businesses that residents have been crossing their fingers to see for years.

Here is a list of suggested businesses that residents hope to see right here in Madison sooner than later. 

The current nearest IKEA locations are both nearly four hours away (Atlanta and Memphis). IKEA is most popular for affordable furniture, home decor, their cafeteria, and more. Spacious land is disappearing quickly in Madison, so this location would need to be solidified sooner than later to become a reality. 

Trader Joe’s is popular in big cities and suburbs alike. Communities with current Trader Joe’s locations are very similar to Madison, which makes this area a prime spot for a future location. 

Children’s science museum

Madison is home to one of the best school systems in the state, which draws many families with young children to our community. With this in mind, a children’s science museum (similar to the McWane Center in Birmingham) would be a welcomed addition. 

Home decor stores are few and far between in Madison, so the addition of a World Market to our community would have many local residents jumping for joy. World Market’s “middle of the road” pricing plus unique items have helped create brand loyalists.

The only Olive Garden location in our area is currently in Huntsville, and many community members believe that a second location of this tasty Italian food restaurant chain would do well in Madison as well. 

There currently isn’t like this brand in our area (that I know of), so a The Container Store location here in Madison would be thrilling to many. Often found in strip malls or outdoor shopping malls, The Container Store has maintained a high reputation for years due to affordable prices and quality products. 

This large seafood chain restaurant wouldn’t have many rivals in this area as it would bring something new to Madison. Something like this would bring some welcomed revitalization to the Madison Boulevard area. 

Though Nordstrom department stores are generally found in classic malls (both indoor and outdoor), Nordstrom Rack locations can be found dispersed throughout the country in strip malls very similar to what we have throughout Madison. Many believe Nordstrom Rack would do well in this area due to fairly reasonable, discount pricing, and a wide variety of products. 

I not-so-secretly hope to break the news one day that a Costco is coming to Madison. The rumors have been circulating for years, and hopefully, there will one day be some truth to them.

There are a good amount of fast-food burger joints that have popped up or announced their “coming soon” plans here in Madison, but those who are familiar with Shake Shack say that there is plenty of room for them too. County Line Road is fairly absent from the list of new burger joint locations, so this may be a good spot for one. 

Our demographic lends itself well to a Cheesecake Factory location. In my opinion, this would be a fabulous addition to Town Madison. 

This could also be a great addition to Town Madison. 

Additional Chick-fil-A locations

I believe I speak for the entire community when I say that I am confused as to why there isn’t at least one more Chick-Fil-A in Madison. I understand that the company is very specific and strategic with when and where they open additional locations, but something on County Line Road would be a CASH COW for the franchise owner, Amen?

As aforementioned, this community is home to a large percentage of school-aged children, so a store like this would be thrilling for many families. A downtown Madison location could be a nice spot.

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