A Princess on Mission: Behind the Scenes with Brand New Enchanted Royalty

Some may see the title of this article with an associated picture and immediately have it sized up. 

“Princesses for rent”, some may assume.

And while, yes, this newcomer business does offer a “birthday party with a princess” option, there is much more that you should know about the smiling face behind the costume and her “why” behind launching her brand new business.

Meet Deseree Marini, the founder, owner, and part-time princess behind Enchanted Royalty, a brand new business that officially opens today (September 1st) for bookings!

Enchanted Royalty

In a nutshell, Enchanted Royalty offers the opportunity to book a princess (or multiple princesses) for your next event. Marini shared that the sky is the limit with what she can do to make your next event the most memorable and special. From birthday parties to manners and etiquette classes to roaming commercial events, Marini says that she is ready and willing to do it all.

Marini lightly laughs when asked how she developed the idea for Enchanted Royalty, leading me to believe that she has quite a story.

(She does!)

“This is all 15 years in the making,” she shares.

She went on the explain that when she was seven years old, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disease and struggled to stay in school consistently because of it.

From ages 12 until 20, Marini was hospitalized on and off at Stanford Hospital while undergoing chemotherapy treatments to help tackle her disease.

“You would think they would have the best of the best entertainment there for kids who are staying for weeks at a time like my roommate and I were, but instead we just watched Tangled over and over again.”

Marini’s roommate was on kidney dialysis.

“When I was younger, I would always say that I wanted to meet a princess in real life but figured that I never would. So when I was 15 and out of the hospital for a bit, I decided to dress up as Rapunzel and go back to the hospital and visit kids. I personally would have loved that when I was staying there.”

Marini shared that her occasional visits to the hospital in her princess dress turned into a full-blown volunteer position, and she knew at 15 years old that this was something she would do in some capacity for the rest of her life. The joy she felt by bringing joy to others was intoxicating.

A few years later, Marini turned her volunteer work into a full-blown business with princess party opportunities, princess balls, and much more. She did all of this while she was studying to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Colorado. Her mom was her number one fan and supporter, and Marini says that she loved doing all of this with her.

At the same time that Marini was busy with school, running her business, and still dealing heavily with her autoimmune disease treatment, she also met her future husband. 

“We have our own little fairytale,” she gushed. “We met when we were six years old as the flower girl and ring bearer for mutual family friends. Fast forward years later, and we were reconnected through those same friends who knew that we both lived in Colorado. The rest is history!”

Marini says that even her ring is a Cinderella carriage. 

Marini eventually graduated, got married, and put her business on hold to start her family. She is the very proud mom of two boys, ages 2 and 7 months.

In November 2020, Marini and her family moved here to Madison after her husband accepted an engineering job. 

“I love it here. We are never leaving!” Marini jokes.

Princesses in Madison, Alabama

With roots planted in a new city and state, Marini was more than ready to start thinking about re-launching her princess business, a job that she has never considered moving on from.

But tragically in May 2021, Marini’s mother passed away.

“Enchanted Royalty was our dream to do again together. So my mom is my real motivation to get this up and running and serve this area well!”

Enchanted Royalty’s mission statement is all about manners, etiquette, and acts of kindness.

“The girls and boys that princesses interact with are going to know all about acts of kindness and how to be nice,” she explained.

While Marini would love for community members to book her services for a child’s upcoming birthday party, she also says that her services lend themselves well to someone that wants to host a general etiquette and manners class for a group of kids. 

“I think it would be so neat to see some parents or neighbors get together and host something like this for a small group of kids,” shared Marini with excitement.

Enchanted Royalty also has options for event coordinators to book a princess (or several princesses) to roam and/or be stationed at a photo booth.

As far as her costumes go, Marini says that an incredible amount of intentional thought and investment has gone into each piece.

“All of our outfits are handmade,” she explained. “I have found seamstresses from around the world, which means that each dress is going to be unique from any others.”

Marini says that patience is key here though because each dress will take months to be made. 

“My Belle dress is being made in Spain right now, and I’m so excited about it!”

When asked what makes her princess options different than others, she shared that “this isn’t just booking a princess to come to your party. We are princesses that heavily focus on acts of kindness. On our list of priorities, that is at the top that all of our princesses are trained to do.”

Marini is excited to expand her team and guarantees that party planners and event coordinators will have the exact same experience regardless of which princess shows up.

When asked what makes her the giddiest about launching Enchanted Royalty, she shared that “making a difference in kids’ lives is what I can’t wait for. I want kids to know that princesses are more than pretty faces. They are kind, bold, and brave. I want them to know that anybody can make a positive difference in somebody else’s life and that you don’t actually have to live in a castle to do that.”

“I have found my dream by helping kids smile,” Marini concludes.

Booking with Enchanted Royalty | Princesses in North Alabama

Booking online is easy!

(I know this first-hand because I’ve decided to book Marini for my daughter’s birthday party in November. The princess is going to lead the party for a small group of friends, do an activity, have an etiquette class with a little tea party, and much more. My daughter is absolutely thrilled and is already counting down the days!)

Simply visit enchantedroyalty.com and explore the options. Follow the prompts for what you’d like to book, and then Marini will be in touch with the next steps and information about how to pay your deposit.

Quick Links for Enchanted Royalty

To book, click here.

To review her list of services, click here.

To email her, click here.

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Nominate someone to win a princess party/visit!

Enchanted Royalty is gifting a complimentary birthday party (or visit) through their Princess Kindness Program. Do you know a little one in need of a smile that would greatly benefit from time with a princess? To nominate your child or someone else you know, send Enchanted Royalty a Direct Message on Instagram or send her an email. Please include your name, the name of the person who you are nominating, and a share briefly about why you’d love to see them receive this party or visit. 


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