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7 Reasons HOTWORX is Unlike Any Other Local Gym

HOTWORX officially opened at Clift Farm in Madison in early 2021 and quickly accumulated several hundred members, each of who has found value in this unique fitness opportunity for various reasons.

HOTWORX is a boutique-style gym (i.e. small-scale facility, semi-personalized, not your typical big-box facility) that has many infrared heat saunas that play virtual workouts. Each sauna facilities a different workout, and members choose their sauna and time via the HOTWORX app.

HOTWORX offers both Isometric workouts and High-Intensity Interval training workouts. Isometric workouts include yoga, pilates, core, hot buns, Barre, and more and are each 30 minutes long. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are just 15 minutes long and include cycling, rowing (coming super soon!), Hot Blast, and more. 

Members are invited to book as many classes as they’d like, with some members showing up to quickly squeeze in one workout while others will stack 2-3 workouts one after the next. 

Since first swinging open its doors and welcoming charter members, HOTWORX has continued to improve the options offered to its members. One step inside HOTWORX and it’s apparent that what is happening there is unlike other options in the area. There are seven crucial things that make HOTWORX a unique gym option here in Madison and the perfect fit for so many people who are still searching for a fitness regimen that just “clicks”.

Here are seven reasons HOTWORX is unlike any other local gym in Madison.

1. It’s a boutique-style gym with memberships that are 50-75% cheaper than others of its size.

Because their overhead is lower than other boutique gyms, HOTWORX is able to offer memberships at a fraction of the cost of other small-scale fitness studios. Memberships are just $59 per month and sign-up promos are often and good!

2. It’s a fantastic supplemental gym to other fitness regimens you are doing.

Manager Samantha Norville says that people from all different fitness backgrounds come to get in a quick workout in addition to what they’re already doing or training for. The aforementioned low monthly fee makes this feasible for many! Norville also mentioned that the infrared heat sauna is a great training option for those who are training to build their stamina in heat. 

3. It’s open 24/7!

Though it is only staffed during daytime hours, members are welcome to come in any day of the week at any time to get in a workout. The facility is highly secure, and each member has a code to enter at all times of the day. Norville says that it’s not uncommon to see people working out at all hours of the night at HOTWORX.

4. It has a private, full bathroom.

HOTWORX has one private bathroom, complete with a shower and complimentary clean towels. Simply bring your own toiletries, rinse off, and get on with your day! This is a great option for those who aren’t big fans of large gym bathrooms. 

5. HOTWORX has a full strength-training area.

My mind was blown upon seeing the new strength-training equipment at HOTWORX that is available to be used supplementally with any workout! This area is equipped with Bosu balls, a large variety of dumbells, many varied-weight kettlebells, battle ropes, and so much more. This strength-training area is not within a sauna.

6. The workouts are speedy but still highly effective!

HIIT workouts are just 15 minutes long and Isometrics workouts are 30 minutes long. No matter how much time you have to work out, you’ll be sure to get your heart rate up, burn extra calories, and rid your body of toxins thanks to the many added benefits of the infrared heat. 

7. The saunas themselves are unlike anything else available fitness-wise in our community.

The benefits of working out in the infrared heat are endless!

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Anti-aging & skin rejuvenation
  • Improved circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Detoxification
  • and much more!

More about HOTWORX in Madison, Alabama

Norville is the new manager of this HOTWORX location and says that she began working for them after experiencing her own life change in tremendous ways as a member. 

“I lost 37 pounds fast!” She shares excitedly. “I broke my back in three places last year and I was told that I would never be the same athlete I once was. I started at HOTWORX though and have never experienced results from a gym like I never here anywhere else!”

She says that trying HOTWORX via the “first visit is free” opportunity was all it took for her to know that she’d found her fit. 

When asked about stories she’s heard from current members and how they use HOTWORX, she says that they vary so much.

  • For starters, she says that she has several hikers who use HOTWORX as excellent cross-training for their hikes.
  • She also shared a story about a member who joined after being told that her blood pressure was through the roof and needed medicine.
    • “She decided to join a gym and try to control it herself before getting on medicine, and sure enough, her blood pressure is back to normal!”
  • She also shared a story about a husband and wife couple that come in routinely twice a day – around 4 a.m. and again around 6 p.m. to get in a quick workout together.
    • “Because there are so many benefits to the heat, your body will start to crave this place!”

She says that demographically they have people of all ages and both genders that come in to work out. 

“A lot of men assume HOTWORX is just for women, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth,” shared Norville. “Body-builder guys will come in to give it a try and assume it’s easy, but they quickly realize that it’s totally different than the way they’re used to training.”

Norville says that many members enjoy having the HOTWORX app synced to their fitness tracker watches and enjoying the perks that come along with this pairing. She says that many members enjoy tracking numbers and their progress.

“You can come in here having never done a workout in your life, and I promise that you’ll be comfortable because you’ll be guided through it.”

Norville says that she is confident that those that come in for a free trial will be captivated by what a different experience it is.

“You’ll enjoy the heat, the detox, and the way your body feels like it’s letting go of all of the bad stuff.”

Learn more about HOTWORX in Madison

Click here to schedule your first FREE workout at HOTWORX!

HOTWORX website | Facebook | Instagram

419 John Henry Way Suite J, Madison, AL 35757

(256) 325-2456

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