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5 Things About The Dessert Fork, The Best Bakery in Madison, Alabama

5 Things to Know About The Dessert Fork, The Best Bakery in Madison, Alabama

The Dessert Fork is Madison’s only true, local, one-of-a-kind bakery storefront within our city limits, and owner Pauline McFarlin is still standing tall after weathering the height of the pandemic. As a small business that thrives off of events and special outings, she and her team have continued to do what they do best, which is to make some of north Alabama’s best individual and full-sized treats.

5 Things to Know About The Dessert Fork, The Best Bakery in Madison, Alabama

If you’ve never been to The Dessert Fork (a.k.a. the best bakery in Madison, Alabama!) and you’re wondering where it is, odds are high that you’ve driven past it dozens (hundreds?) of times.

Though it’s likely just 10 minutes or less from most Madison residents’ homes, it’s easily missed due to its location within a smaller shopping complex that requires a U-turn if you’re heading west towards Athens. Even those traveling east toward Huntsville might miss it (even though its location on HWY 72 is quite ideal as far as being conveniently located for most to head over to).

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If you’re familiar with the Dunkin’ and/or Taziki’s location on HWY 72, it’s in the same shopping center (just a few stores down).

5 Things to Know About The Dessert Fork, The Best Bakery in Madison, Alabama

Now that you know where the best bakery in Madison, Alabama is, it’s time to discuss five excellent excuses for making a trip to the storefront as early as today or tomorrow. (Psst: They’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.!) We already have plans as a family to jet over on Saturday just for fun. Excited!

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Excuse #1: You are craving some one-on-one time with your child, spouse, parent, or friend.

The cozy, quaint feel of The Dessert Fork is detectable as soon as one walks in the door. A half dozen small tables are set up inside ready for guests who’d like to sit down, enjoy a treat, sit a hot tea or coffee, and stay awhile for conversation with a loved one.

Excuse #2: It’s an excellent co-working spot if you need somewhere to connect to Wifi.

Need to get out of the house to do some work but are tired of your normal spots? Swing into the best bakery in Madison, Alabama! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and a treat if you’d like and then plug up and get to work. 

5 Things to Know About The Dessert Fork, The Best Bakery in Madison, Alabama

Excuse #3: You need to bring a dish to a potluck (or to a party host) but don’t have anything prepared. The Dessert Fork can take care of this!

If you’re heading to a potluck with friends, family, or co-workers and simply don’t have the time to pull together a dish, have no fear! Simply call The Dessert Fork ahead of time or make a quick trip in and grab an assortment of McFarlin’s sweet treats. You’ll be everyone’s favorite party guest when you show up with a variety of some of the best dessert items your friends and family have ever had!

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Go the extra mile and ask your fellow event attendees what their favorite dessert is. Then show up to the event with an individual sweet treat just for each of them!

5 Things to Know About The Dessert Fork, The Best Bakery in Madison, Alabama
by Whitney Briscoe Photography

Excuse #4: The Dessert Fork is a one-stop shop for making a birthday celebration extra special.

Making a loved one feel super special and celebrated on his or her birthday is a cinch with The Dessert Fork! Drop in, grab a cupcake, full-sized cake, or sweet treat(s) as well as shop from the gift shop area! McFarlin has greetings cards that she makes entirely by hand available for sale. They’re absolutely stunning!

This store has everything you need to grab before heading over to make someone’s day extra sweet (literally). 

(Author note: I love this about The Dessert Fork and truly think that it’s one of the best keep secrets in Madison. Forget darting through a big grocery store or making multiple stops to pull together a birthday surprise. Grab a treat, card, and gift all in one small store. You’ll be in and out in three minutes tops. How wonderful!)

5 Things to Know About The Dessert Fork, The Best Bakery in Madison, Alabama

Excuse #5: You need all the sweets!

At the core of The Dessert Fork’s mission is to serve divine, indulgent, delicious treats. If a sweet tooth is what you have, give in to it at The Dessert Fork. 

More fun facts about The Dessert Fork

  1. Online ordering is so easy! Select your individual or full-sized treats online and then pick them up 24-48 hours later. Click here to view the full online menu. (Pictures of items are included, so prepare for your mouth to salivate!)
  2. Pauline McFarlin is a treat artist. She can take your party theme or idea and help you bring something extra special to life. My daughter’s second birthday is coming up, and she loves M&Ms. They’re her favorite thing right now! I thought an M&M cake would be fun but didn’t really know what that would look like or if it was possible. After talking with McFarlin, she came up with three ideas that I could pick from. I quickly had an invoice and a pick-up date. I was so impressed with how speedy she was when working with me. I appreciated that undivided attention and next-level customer service. 
  3. The most popular item she sells is the strawberry pretzel salad! It’s available to purchase by the slice or a whole pan. 
  4. Cookie butter bars are a universal staff favorite! McFarlin recommends enjoying them with a fresh, hot cup of coffee.
  5. The Dessert Fork specializes in creating your dream wedding cake and still has 2021 dates available.
  6. McFarlin believes in investing in her staff. Two of them have been a part of The Dessert Fork team since they opened their doors several years ago. She says that having a great staff makes her job easier and that creating a family-feel environment in the workplace has been a top priority.

Visit The Dessert Fork Bakery in Madison, Alabama

107 Brookridge Dr., Unit E2

Madison, AL 35758

(256) 970-4979

Website | Facebook | Instagram

This article was written in partnership with The Dessert Fork though all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that help keep All Things Madison a free resource for the community.


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