All Things Madison | 30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram Series about Madison, Alabama
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30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram Series about Madison, Alabama

30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram Series about Madison, Alabama

Filming, editing, and sharing an Instagram Reel per day this month has been far more rewarding than I anticipated it would be. As someone with a passion for writing, I typically go into my interviews doing more listening than anything else. Filming Instagram Reels forces me to be keenly focused on the visuals of a business, and it’s been fascinating to view Madison businesses through that new lens this month.

While I love sharing the quick, 30-second video features, I am always left wishing that I could share so much more. I learn so much during my time at each location, but inevitably things are left out of the video and caption due to length limitations.

Today I want to revisit the first half of the businesses that I featured via this 30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram series and share one overall takeaway that I had from my time at each location.

30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram Series about Madison, Alabama

30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram Series about Madison, Alabama

Madison Speech: I was blown away by what a friendly, easy-going environment they foster. As a pediatric speech facility, the owners have designed and created an environment that just feels happy. As a parent with a child who attends weekly speech therapy at this facility, I’m thankful that my daughter feels comfortable, happy, and playful during her visits due to the non-intimidating environment they’ve created. (Psst: Thanks to COVID, I had never actually gone inside the facility until recently. I enjoyed seeing how nice it is and see why my daughter enjoys it.)

Gary K. Jewelers: These people are fun, friendly, and absolutely love what they do. Four generations of family have worked at Gary K. Jewelers, and they find such joy in treating their clients like family members too. I laughed the whole time I was there, and then they showered me with gifts because they’re just really great like that. Small businesses rock!

The Dessert Fork: Owner Pauline McFarlin has incredible treats and a cute shop, but what few people know is that she really strives to take care of her employees. She does everything she can to make sure they’re compensated fairly and provided benefits too. She is so appreciative of them and treats them like so. Talk about an incredible boss and business owner.

The IV Lounge at QC: I admittedly assumed that someone would visit this business if they’ve overindulged in alcohol or had a stomach bug. I was shocked to find that most people come simply for the health benefit and vitamin intake. One employee shared with me that most people come 1-2x per month instead of taking over-the-counter daily vitamins. Who knew?!

The Madison Picnic Project: This business owner is energetic, hardworking, and launched this business simply because she saw a hole in the market. She has an incredible eye for “pretty things” and put together a picnic set-up in no time flat (while I talked her ear off too!). I would hire her in a heartbeat for my next event that fit the bill.

QuickCare Urgent Care: I had no idea that this urgent care facility also offers primary care as well! It’s well kept with a modern feel and offers all kinds of on-site wellness options beyond basic sick care. This was a fun one to include in the 30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram series!

Posh Mommy & Baby Too: The toy options absolutely blew me out of the water! I will be purchasing so many birthday gifts for my children and others here from now on. I’m scared to even bring my kids inside this store because the options they offer are unique and fantastic. Box fan tents, the cleanest “sand” to play with, and so much more. Dress-up options are vast too! This store carries so much more than just baby and maternity items.

The Cosmetic Clinic: I love that this facility sells so many medical-grade skincare products that can be prescribed after a visit to this clinic. I had no idea that options like this were available right here in Madison!

Tennessee Valley RV: This business owner blew me out of the water. He saw a need for what he could do (fix RVs) and started the business out of his SUV. He traveled around fixing RVs onsite until he got too busy to do so. Now he owns a fantastic facility and works really hard to provide a service super fast to RV owners. He knows they want to get back on the road and can’t wait months for a fix, so he stays busy making sure parts are on hand to do efficient fixes.

Filthy Gorgeous: I was in a rush after I filmed this reel that I couldn’t even stick around to buy anything, but I returned a couple of days later and did some damage. 🙂 I love that the owner and sales associates are willing to help guests put together all kinds of outfits. I would pick up a shirt that I liked and then ask the associate what I should pair it with. She put together great outfits every time!

Daisy Lane Gifts: I have been in this store a couple of dozen times over the years, but I had no idea that they had a laser engraving option that could personalize so many gifts in minutes! Now my mind is swirling with Christmas gift ideas to purchase here. This store truly has something for everyone, and their prices are reasonable too considering the high quality of most items.

Madison Prosthodontics: Dr. Wiltz could not be a nicer human being. I wasn’t expecting to get to chat with him since my time there was the middle of a workday, but he gave me a few minutes of his time and was so pleasant. Based on our short time together, I would recommend him and his services to my friends and family in a heartbeat. He is patient, knowledgeable, and truly focused on doing everything he can to help a patient keep his or her actual teeth. He isn’t a “jump the gun” prosthodontist. He wants what is best for the patient first and foremost.

Al Shish Palace: The recipes at Al Shish are so authentic that I wasn’t allowed to know what was specifically in each dish (beyond what is listed in the menu). Watching the cooks do their thing was fascinating. They are incredible chefs, and every single dish I saw looked divine.

Madison Station Antiques: While I’d been in this store a handful of times, I had never been over to The Annex (behind the main building and around the block). My jaw dropped when I saw how expansive it was. After seeing everything I did and learning a bit of the behind-the-scenes (“How do you get your hands on all of these antiques?”) I can’t imagine that there’s a better antique store anywhere close to here. It’s a dream, and well-priced too!

The Avenue: I visited this community when it was deeply under construction last fall, but even back then I could tell that it was going to be incredible. Walking through the lobby doors recently though left me audibly gasping in delight. It’s absolutely beautiful, luxurious, well-thought-out, and so much more. It’s absolutely the definition of living at a resort. Wow.

So looking forward to sharing 15 more businesses with you throughout the remainder of the month! Stay tuned to this 30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram series!


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All Things Madison | 30 Reels in 30 Days Instagram Series about Madison, Alabama