3 Resources that Every Madison Resident Needs to Know About

I’m a firm believer that when you know better, you do better.

This concept applies directly to how one utilizes and navigates his or her community. If you know about road closures, you choose alternate routes ahead of time. If you know that recreation sports fields are closed, you’ve saved a drive out to the fields. If there’s a pothole that’s driving you crazy, you know exactly who to contact to tackle that little annoyance for you.

The aforementioned are just a few examples of how Madison residents are invited to utilize the city’s official website and a plethora of resources. Being informed about city happenings extends far beyond politics; It’s about taking ownership in seeking out what information is available to you with a goal of everyday life simply being better. 

If you didn’t know these resources existed, you’re not alone. I didn’t either until recently, but know that I know I want everyone else to as well!

If you call Madison, Alabama your home, take note of three resources available to you that will save you time, keep you more informed, and actually give you a voice in making this community one that you desire to hang around for the long haul. 

P.S. Know someone moving here? This is the perfect article to send to them so that they can stay in the loop and feel connected right off the bat!

3 Resources that Every Madison Resident Needs to Know About: Notify Me, Let Us Know, and Meeting with the Mayor are all options for...


One glance at the “Notify Me” section on the website and you’ll likely be floored at what kind of information is available. Sign up to receive just the tidbits that are helpful to you in either a text or email option.

There are nearly 30 categories of information that one can receive directly to his or her phone or inbox which include (but are not limited to) pool status, senior center newsletters, police and fire reports, general traffic updates, specific district council updates for your side of town, recreation events and sign-ups, and much more. 

To browse the complete list of options and sign up for “Notify Me”, click here


Do you have a request for a service? Maybe your curb is damaged from construction and crumbling (we had experience with this last year!) and you need to contact the city to fix it. Use this resource to quickly and easily submit the request. 

Want to skip the electronic request and call someone directly? Click the “contact” button to discover over 25 departments and telephone numbers.

To visit the “Let Us Know” section, click here


Mayor Paul Finley has 30-minute time slots available and warmly welcomes community members to sit down face-to-face and talk about the community. No issue is too big or small to discuss; He desires to hear it all so that he can make more informed decisions on your behalf. This opportunity isn’t intended to be overly formal or intimidating but rather a very simple sit-down to hear what is on your mind. 

[Author note] I’ve shared on social media that I recently sat down to have one of these conversations with Mayor Finley and highly encourage community members of all ages and backgrounds to do the same. He knows our community like the back of his hand and has a wealth of knowledge and insider information that he’s happy to share. Grab your spouse, child, or friend and book a session!

More information about meeting with Mayor Paul Finley can be found here. 

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