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10 Hardscaping Projects that Kendall Outdoors Can Do This Fall

Hardscaping areas of your yard has many benefits! Kendall Outdoors is a Madison-based landscape and hardscape company with nearly 10 years of experience and rave reviews all across North Alabama. Check out their lengthy list of projects that Jake Kendall and his team would love to install for you!

Hardscaping one’s backyard became an extraordinarily popular investment in the fall of 2020 as the global pandemic made itself nice and comfortable in all of our lives. People were widely staying home and looking for ways to add elements of enjoyment to their very own spaces from the inside out.

Extending living spaces outdoors was one of the most common avenues that residents choose for not only adding value to their homes financiall, but also adding everyday value in how they used and enjoyed their own homes.

In the last three years, hardscaping projects have continued to become more and more popular as businesses like Kendall Outdoors swoop in to do your installs as quickly as they can.

Kendall Outdoors is a family-owned, Madison-based business that offers full-service landscape and hardscape design, installation, and maintenance. Hardscape projects are desirable and requested year-round with many customers telling Kendall Outdoors that they especially enjoy using their hardscaped projects during the fall when the weather in Alabama is generally cool, crisp, and pleasant.

Kendall Outdoors is able to design and install your hardscape project or simply just install your project if you already have an existing design. Jake Kendall and his team will work hard to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space at your home or business, ensuring that the appearance and functionality of your outdoor area is enhanced.

Kendall Outdoors is available for hardscaping projects such as:

  1. Patio spaces with concrete, pavers, or natural stone
  2. Walkways and pathways made from materials such as gravel, stone, or brick
  3. Retaining walls made from concrete blocks, natural stone, etc.
  4. Driveways made from materials such as asphalt, concrete, or pavers
  5. Outdoor kitchens that include elements such as grills, countertops, sinks, storage, and more
  6. Fire pits and fireplaces using stone, brick, or concrete blocks
  7. Pergolas (pictured hot tubs not included in install option)
  8. Fountains and other water features such as ponds
  9. General stone work for either decorative or functional purposes, such as walls, seating, etc.
  10. Decorative stone or gravel beds for visual appeal and weed control

Kendall Outdoors is able to design and install your hardscape project or simply just install your project if you already have an existing design.

Jake and Valerie Kendall share that there are so many benefits to hardscaping in addition to simply having a more aesthetic area.

Some additional reasons why someone may consider hardscaping their yard:

  • Hardscaped areas generally require less upkeep than grass and plants.
  • Hardscaped areas increase the usable space of one’s home or business. These areas may offer space for dining seats, seating options, additional pathways, and more.
  • Hardscaped areas often improve drainage areas and control erosion if they are properly installed by professionals.
  • Hardscaped areas often increase the resale value of one’s property if well-designed and properly installed. Added functionality and improved aesthetics are often appealing to potential buyers.


Did you know that Kendall Outdoors also has a “sister business” named Green Thumb Artificial Turf? Kendall Outdoors enjoys incorporating elements of artificial turf into their overall design projects if desired. Kendall Outdoors can truly do it all!

To have a complimentary, no pressure consultation with Kendall Outdoors to discuss a project you’d love to see come to fruition, click here. 




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